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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Mavericks Segment Visual Aid

Presented without commentary - provide your own - numbers as of 3/20/14:

BaD Radio - Sports Movie of the Month

Sports Movie Of The Month


Jan - Big Fan - Audio Here
Feb - Cool Runnings - Audio Here 
Mar - Glory Road
Apr - Bad News Bears
May - Mommie Dearest
June - Victory
July -
Aug -
Sept -
Oct -
Nov -
Dec -


Jan - The Waterboy - Audio Here
Feb - Die Hard - Audio Here
Mar - Teen Wolf - Audio Here
Apr - Eddie - Audio Here
May - The Sandlot - Audio Here
June - Bye month - no movie reviewed
July - The Natural - Audio Here
Aug - Remember the Titans - Audio Here
Sept - The Program - Audio Here
Oct - Varsity Blues - Audio Here
Nov - JFK - Audio Here
Dec - Christmas Vacation - Audio Here


Jan - Blue Chips - Audio Here
Feb - Any Given Sunday - Audio Here
Mar - Goon - Audio Here
April - Days of Thunder - Audio Here
May - Major League - Audio Here
June - Rocky - Audio Here
July -  Bye month - no movie reviewed
August - North Dallas 40 - Audio Here
September - Brian's Song - Audio Here
October -  Point Break - Audio Here
November - Necessary Roughness - Audio Here
December - Rudy - Audio Here


March - Hoosiers - Audio Here

Friday, May 31, 2013

2013 GBL Draft Pools With Completed Selections

Bob and Sean

John Slattery
Danny Trejo - Jake/Donovan
Rosie Perez - Jake/Donovan
Dan Cortese - Jake/Donovan
Craig Robinson
Kenan Thompson
Downey - James Marshall "A Few Good Men" - Jake/Donovan
Scott Bakula - Dan/Tom
Jamie Hector - Marlo - Dan/Tom
Sal - Impractical Jokers - Dan/Tom
Jessica Walter - Arrested Development
Aaron Stanton - Ken Cosgrove "Mad Men" - Dan/Tom
Max Weinberg
Fernando Tatis - Jake/Donovan 
Aziz Ansari - Parks and Rec - Jake/Donovan
Dan and Tom
Marc Maron - Bob/Sean
Jerry Van Dyke
Luke Perry - Jake/Donovan
Ron Livingston - Bob/Sean
Deena Martin (Swingers, Dazed and Confused) - Jake/Donovan
Sweet Brown - Bob/Sean
Booger - Revenge of the Nerds - Jake/Donovan
Agent from The Matrix and GE spots
Chick on death row in Oz - Jake/Donovan
Norm MacDonald  Bob/Sean
Stephen Colbert
Nancy Wilson - Heart
Jon Taffer - Bar Rescue - Jake/Donovan
Dave Schultz - Flyer, leader of the Broad St. Bullies - Bob/Sean
Donovan and Jake
Carl Anthony Payne II - Cole from Martin / Cockroach The Cosby Show Bob/Sean
Tisha Campbell - Gina from Martin - 
Kool Moe Dee Dan/Tom
Sinbad - Dan/Tom
Lawrence Hilton - Freddie Boom Boom Washington Welcome Back Kotter
Antonio Fargas - Huggy Bear - Dan/Tom
Fab 5 Freddy - Dan/Tom
Bill Nunn - Radio Raheem from Do the Right Thing - Bob/Sean
Arsenio Hall - Bob/Sean
Christopher Reid - Kid from Kid n Play - Bob/Sean
Scott Pelle - 60 Minutes, CBS Evening News anchor  = Dan/Tom
Shane Smith - Editor and host, Vice - Bob/Sean
Glenn Humpik - The Tom Green Show - Bob/Sean
John Singleton - Boyz n the Hood
Drew Magary - writer Deadspin, GQ - Dan/Tom

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

1920's Reporter Guy Archive - Updated Johnny Manziel

1. OCT 12, 2005 - WAYNE GRETZKY
2. NOV 30, 2005 - MACK BROWN and VINCE YOUNG
4. MAR 9, 2006 - MIKE MODANO
5. APR 5, 2006 - ROGER CLEMENS
6. MAR 15, 2006 - LEBRON JAMES 1
7. AUG 15, 2006 - TERRELL OWENS
8. NOV 16, 2006 - WILL SMITH
9. NOV 20, 2006 - PEYTON MANNING
11. MAR 5, 2007 - LEBRON JAMES 2
12. AUG 8, 2007 - WADE PHILLIPS
14. DEC 7, 2007 - ALLEN IVERSON
15. JAN 23, 2008 - PARIS HILTON
16. MAR 18, 2008 - DAVID BECKHAM
17. MAY 27, 2008 - PHIL MICKELSON
18. AUG 7, 2008 - MAGIC JOHNSON
19. OCT 8, 2008 - MARK WAHLBERG
20. NOV 4, 2008 - LEBRON JAMES 3
21. DEC 14, 2008 - ELI MANNING
22. APR 2, 2009 - DWYANE WADE
23. APR 25, 2009 - GREG POPOVICH
24. FEB 14, 2010 - TIM DUNCAN
25. FEB 14, 2010 - STEVE NASH
26. MAR 8, 2010 - ALEX OVECHKIN
27. MAY 8, 2011 - PHIL JACKSON
28. April 7, 2013 - JOHNNY MANZIEL

And a montage of some finer moments....

Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 BaD Radio Podcasts

1/6/2012 - Episode #141

We review Dick Clark's Final New Years Eve and driving home after the Stars NYE game, Lamar Odom's Obsession with Candy, Dan Loses our Football Picks Bet and Dan's Suit, Donovan's Ticket after Rolls Thru Stop Sign Hate Crimes, Screenless

1/13/2012 - Episode #142

The Tim Tebow suit bet, plenty of talk about the NFL Playoffs, a brief review on "Hell on Wheels" and Bob's book about the Mavericks championship, "This Year Is Different".

1/20/2012 - Episode #143

HSO's on Yu Darvish, the Rangers Signing of Yu Darvish, Called Green Bay and Brett Favre Steakhouse after Packers Playoff Loss, Bob Reports - documentary Catfish (deceptive on-line romances and we discover Catfish is a hoax)

1/27/2012 - Episode #144

First Podcast from the new Victory Studios: Movie Review - Blue Chips, Cuban Rips The Ticket for their Lamar Odom HSOs and we interview Mark Cuban, Dan's Stump the Sturm

Feb 3, 2012 - Episode #145

Super Bowl 46 - missing   BaD Radio at The Super Bowl in Indianapolis: Dan goes Wireless on Radio Row, we talk to Vanilla Ice (Robbie Van Winkle) with George, Media Day with Sterling Moore

2/9/2012  -  Episode #146

We get ready for the Rangers 2012 Spring Training with Jon Daniels (talk Yu Darvish and Josh Hamilton), Terrell Owens says he's now broke, and it's the First Word that Deion Sanders and wife Pilar are Fighting from friend Laura talking to K104, Bob's Game - Name that Movie

2/16/2012 - Episode #147

Bob says Franchise Cowboys LB Anthony Spencer, Bob goes to Chuckie Cheese for Valentines Day with the Family, Donovan Salutes Michael Jordan on his Birthday, Donovan hosts Ticket Pyramid

2/23/2012 - Episode #148 

Bob pulls a Hamstring Running on the Treadmill, Dan reviews Khloe and Lamar - Sex Swing episode, Dan Reports - Words with Friends and Alec Baldwin Trouble on Flight, Tom Friday Bit - Survey of the Staff About the Ticket Hosts

3/2/2012  -  Episode #149

Bob's World - Coaching Youth Soccer Crying Kid, Lamar Odom Flakes Out and Misses Games, Khloe Talks about Living in Dallas, TC Witnesses Cuban & Odom Meeting at W Hotel Lobby, Lamar Odom sent to the D-League, Dan's Birthday Guest - World B Free, Bob Quizes Dan on his History with the Show

3/9/12 - Episode #150

Tony Stewart at the TMS Media Day, Bob Loves Walking Dead Zombie but Not Sure Why, Deion Sanders Divorce Talk - living in same house, and Dan's Gameshow - Baseball Jeopardy with Mike Rhyner

3/17/2012 - Episode #151

Jason Terry says He's Playing for Next Year, Stars Road Trip - Minneapolis and Winnipeg with Mike Ribeiro, We talk to Ralph Strangis and his Father, The Show Pranks Tom into Wearing a Suit, Donovan's Behind the Drop - Bob's I'm Not the Guy in the Next Cubicle and Bob gets into it with Daryl Razor Reaugh,

3/24/2012 - Episode #152

Peyton Manning Traded to Denver and Tim Tebow to the NY Jets, Dan confronts an AAC Usher, Stars Trevor Daley & Steve Ott, Tom's Homeless vs Away with Laker Metta World Peace and Phoenix Coyote Paul Bissonnette

3/31/2012 - Episode #153

Our Annual sit down with Dirk Nowitzki, we talk to Mr. Ranger - Michael Young, it's Pictures in Blue Bonnets time again, and the amazing story of Antoine Walker's bankruptcy

4/7/2012 - Episode #154 

Khloe & Lamar traded to Dallas, We talk about Grubes Leaving for College, Farewell to Grubes Songs, Dan's Friday Bit - Stump the Sturm episode

4/14/2012 - Episode #155

NFL Draft HSOs from the crew and Pat Kirwan, Bob's Radio Friend from his Lynchburg Days, the Arkansas Bobby Petrino Rally and it's the Days of Thunder Movie Review

4/21/2012 - Episode #156

Bad Radio Lost Podcast #156 from April 20, 2012:  talks truancy court and play a little Gay or not Gay. Bob talk to a high school on career day. They play some Felix Jones and Anthony Andro audio. Finally they talk about Extreme skiing and play some Khloe and Lamar Show audio. 

4/28/2012 - Episode #157

 Jason Terry in-studio, Bob talks to a Racist English Soccer Fan, Bob & Friend Fart all over London

5/5/2012 - Episode #158

How the Mavericks miss Tyson Chandler vs OKC in the Playoffs, Tom's Cumulus Song in the Sales Office, Dan vs Ducks in his Backyard, Bob's Jack the Ripper Tour in London, Muser Campout Fun w Gordo (Where the Sun Rises and Surviving the Game talk) and Poor Effort from the Mavericks and Dirk in Game 3 vs OKC

5/12/2012 - Podcast #159

Mavs get swept by OKC in  the first round of the playoffs, Josh Hamilton hits 4 home runs in one game. Bad Radio Reports The story of the American Airlines lifetime passes, Morris Claiborne starts a twitter war after people criticize him for making a 4 on the wonderlic, finally The sports movie of the month Major League

5/18/12 - Podcast #160

 Rangers talk with CJ Wilson returning to Arlington and Josh Hamilton’s huge contract year run. Also, Bad radio reports on the documentary “Uprising: Hip Hop and the Rodney King Riots”. Homer call extra and BaD Radio sits down with Mad Men’s Pete Campbell.

5/25/12 - Podcast #161

Bad Radio talks to Hank Haney, Pitbull, and play SNL Audio. Donovan reviews the original Star Wars trilogy. They have some Allen Iverson talk. Tom has a Friday game show called "Name the Foreigner". Bob talks Turtle-man. Finally the 2012 GBL Draft and Bet Payoff discussion 

6/2/2012 - Episode #162

This week on the podcast we have Rangers talk with the recent signing of Roy Oswalt. Guest Booking League interviews with Ace Cash Express girl Jenna Liston, and Call of The Wildman star Ernie Brown Jr. aka Turtleman. Also child entitlement/ice cream talk with the BaD Radio boys and UFC fighter Johnny Hendricks drops by the studio.

6/9/2012 - Episode #163

The BaD Radio boys talk to Donovan's guest for the GBL, comedian John Witherspoon. The interns have lunch run troubles. Channel 8 reporter Brett Shipp stops by. NBA playoff talk and whether OKC will rule the NBA world for the next few years. Also, Tom gets a liner from the great Hulk Hogan.

6/16/2012 - Episode #164

Welcome back P1's. This week on the podcast local musician Ben Kweller join us as part of the Guest Booking League. Bob talks Cowboys vs. the NFC East. BaD Radio gets into some playoff talk about Lebron and the Miami Heat. They continue their review of classic sports movies with this weeks review on Rocky, and Nitro from American Gladiators joins the boys at the 2012 Sneaky Pete's Summer Bash! Also, a look into the past and how BaD Radio got their little feet wet as part of the little Ticket.

6/23/2012 - Episode #165

This week on the podcast Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle stops by the studio. Guest Booking League continues to shine with another great guest. This time it's John C. McGinley, from such movies as Office Space and Any Given Sunday. BaD Radio talks with Texas Rangers HOF Tom Grieve once again. Jake Kemp gets lucky and attends the Dave Chappelle show at House of Blues. BaD radio looks back at songs performed at Summerbash. And to close things out, the always important Big Foot talk.

6/30/2012 - Episode #166

 BaD radio gives us some great interviews this week with legendary rock drummer Vinnie Paul, and one of the greatest villains of all time Billy Zabka, aka Johnny Lawrence from The Karate Kid. We also have NBA Draft talk with Doocy and Donovan. Ranger Talk with the Sturminator, and the Dallas Stars make a roster splash this offseason.

7/7/2012 -  Episode #167

 Hey P1's welcome to another edition of the podcast. The Great Donovan, Rich Phillips and Mark Followill are sitting in for the BaD Radio boys this week, but we still have great bits and segments for you! We have the Tom Grieve Show with Tom Grieve, Donovan quizzes everyone on the happenings at the BET Awards, Bob Sturm calls in to talk about the Steve Ott trade, we find out with is Gay or Not Gay and Followill gives us a breakdown of the Mavericks future.

7/14/2012 - Episode #168

This week on the BaD Radio Podcast Jimmie J.J. Walker from Good Times stops by as part of the Guest Booking League. Cowboys tight end John Phillips joins the gang to talk a little Cowboy football. We also have a great bit by Dan with the sound-a-likes. BaD radio talks some Penn State and our old pal and former Dallas Star Steve Ott calls in.

7/21/2012 - Episode #169

We have a very guest intensive podcast this week P1's. Rangers manager Ron Washington joins us. Newest Dallas Maverick Chris Kaman joins the BaD Radio boys to talk the next Mavericks season. The great Donovan provides us with the dangers behind using the drug PCP. And arguably the greatest Dallas Star ever, Mike Modano joins us to talk a little Stars hockey.

7/28/2012 - Episode #170

Welcome back P1's, we knew you couldn't get enough. Newest Dallas Maverick Elton Brand joins BaD Radio. Mr. Dan calls in from vacation time to join Bob and Donovan for a little Breaking Bad talk. Guns N' Roses hit 25 years with their album Appetite for Destruction, and we have some HSO's from The Ticket guys. Penn State has the hammer dropped on them and we have some reaction to their ongoing problems. And the end of an era is here, Tom Grieve talks Rangers and the end of Cookie Talk.

8/4/2012 - Episode #171

Here is the next edition of the podcast. This week we hadCowboys linebacker Anthony Spencer stop by for a little football talk, Adam Richman from the TV show Man v. Food joined us as part of the Guest Booking League. BaD radio tries to uncover the Norm E-brake mischief and Dan talks to Cowboys defensive back C.J. Wilson. We have Bob’s Fun Friday bit, and his key playerfor the Cowboys upcoming season. And last but not least, we mixed in a little Ranger talk as well.

8/11/2012 - Episode #172

This is week two of Cowboys Camp in Oxnard with Jason Witten, Victor Butler, Bob's Pro Athlete Front Running Theory, Donovan's 41st Birthday Surprise Guest - Spinderella from Salt n Pepa, Dirty Cowboys Liners, Tom Grieve and The Hitlers Shout-Out and Venice Beach audio including the Reggae Childrens Songs Singer, Romo Question Guy, 2012 Presidential Election HSOs and the Buy a Homeless Bum's Sign Guy

8/18/2012 - Episode #173

Back again boys and girls with another great week of sports segments from BaD Radio. Lots of football and Cowboys talk with sound from Jerry Jones, Rob Ryan and a little dip into Hard Knocks. We also found out whether you have been acting Gay or Not Gay. The Great Donovan brings us another edition of BaD Radio Reports, and we close things out with some Breaking Bad talk. Enjoy!

8/25/2012 - Episode #174

Another edition of the podcast is here! This week we have a recap of Ticket Fight Night just in case any of you P1's missed it. Steve Busby brings us his version of "Strike one to Austin Jackson." Mavericks owner Mark Cuban stops by in studio and talks everything Mavs. And last but not least, BaD Radio Reports takes a look at the marching band hazing incident.

9/1/2012 - Episode #175

We have a good one for you this week P1's. Some great guests this week including Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels and former Cowboys Head Coach Jimmy Johnson. Another edition of Breaking Bad talk. Jake Kemp takes over the spotlight on another edition of BaD Radio Reports, and to close things out, we have lots of Cowboys audio including the Mickey Spagnola E-brake.

9/8/2012 - Episode #176

Good guests this week P1's! Yeardley Smith, the voice if Lisa Simpson, joined BaD Radio and we also had former host of The Man Show Adam Carolla call in. And if that wasn't enough, Homer Call has returned! We also have NFL Picks and a look back at the great Cowboy win against the Giants.

9/15/2012 - Episode #177

Newest Dallas Maverick O.J. Mayo joins BaD Radio in studio. We have Bob mixing in a little hockey talk over the collective bargaining agreement that's about to expire. Homer Call of the Week makes a return for a second week in a row, and the legendary Geraldo Rivera joins BaD Radio on a star-studded week at the little Ticket.

9/22/2012 - Episode #178

Great bits this week P1's! The Great Donovan goes Behind The Drop with one of Dan's infamous arguments and stop-down moments. Audio fun with Homer Call Of The Week. Batman and Robin make their guest appearance all week on BaD Radio. Jason Witten oddly enough joins us for the Jason Witten Show. And lastly, Bob tries to break apart some high school culture in this great state of Texas!

9/29/2012 - Episode #179

Welcome back you Ticket loving P1’s. We have another great edition of Homer Call of the Week and of course The Jason Witten Show. The Great Donovan has an interesting trivia game to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the T.V. show Martin. And The Sturminator goes on a rant for those ungrateful Cowboy fans who didn’t appreciate their latest win against the Bucs

10/6/2012 - Episode #180

Donovan visits with Giancarlo Esposito - Gus Fring from Breaking Bad, Stephen Tobolowsky is in studio, the Rangers collapse to end 2012, Norm audio as he twist off again after the Cowboys-Bears.

10/13/2012 - Episode #181

Josh Hamilton and the slippery slope of religion and the media, Tom Grieve closes out the disappointing end to the Rangers season, Comedian Paul Scheer is on the show, and a full and complete review of Point Break.

10/20/2012 - Episode #182

Red hot Cowboys talk as Bob reconsiders his Jason Garrett approval, Ed Belfour in studio, Donovan loses a hero with the death of Big Tex, Twiggy is tired of that white girl, and more...

10/27/2012 - Episode #183

  An admission of enjoying gay songs, Prank on TC, Cowboys win in Carolina, Moose Johnston is in studio, and we debate Lion versus Bear.

11/3/2012 - Episode #184

  Danica Patrick at SMU luncheon, Tony Romo talk after the Giants game, Halloween talk, Gay not Gay, and Richard Lewis attacks our studio.

11/10/2012 - Episode #185

Cowboys at Atlanta, Darren Collison in studio, Gay Not Gay, reviewing the Jimmy Johnson episode of "a Football Life", and the Jason Witten Show.

11/17/2012 - Episode #186

 Cowboys beats the Eagles, After the election, Texas wants to secede, More Jason Witten, and the return of Bob's Twitter Game.

11/24/2012 - Episode #187

 Cowboys vs Redskins Thanksgiving talk, the great divorce debate of 2012, a bounty of lunchpails, Kelly Clarkson sings to the Cowboys.

12/1/2012 - Episode #188

 Cowboys sign Brady Poppinga and he has fun audio, Jim Mora Jr Audio, NFL Network Pregame Show and Michael Irvin Audio, Tom has a game show, and Ben Gold.

12/8/2012 - Episode #189

Cowboys talk at Eagles, Rangers offseason talk, White Elephant Christmas stuff, and the annual Christmas Song contest.

12/15/2012 - Episode #190

 BaD reacts to the Josh Brent/Jerry Brown accident, Bob fights on Twitter, Josh Hamilton leaves for Anaheim, and Michael Young leaves for Philadelphia, Jake taken to task by the Hardline, Movie Review of Rudy, and audio Christmas gifts to the P1s.

12/29/2012 - Episode #191

Dez Bryant talk, NFL MVP Breakdown, and the annual Air Jordans for Christmas Report.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

BaD Radio Song Archive Project

Slowly, but surely, because that's how we roll, we are starting to archive some of our old musical pieces online for your enjoyment. This weekend, I got around to the 2008 collection which spans from the summer of 2007 until the summer of 2008 as each new BaD Radio year starts on the Birthday Show of BaD Radio - June 14th. So, here are a bunch of those....Enjoy:

Summerbash 2007

Bob and Donovan - It's Tricky

Dan - BabyArm 

Cowboys Songs - Playoffs 2007 - Jan 2008

Dan - Double D's -

Bob - There Goes My Romo

Grubes - Cowboys Wussification

Tom - T.O. Don't Cry

Donovan - Roy Williams Help 

Sean - Romo 

Ticketstock 2008

Donovan - Humpty Dance

Dan -  First Song of Ticketstock - Age of Aquarius 

Bob - Party Hard


Donovan  - Tiny Dan - Dan's Birthday 2008 

Donovan - Negro National Anthem 

2008 Birthday Show Musical Montage

More years to come soon....

Friday, May 25, 2012

GBL Teams - 2012 Season

Team Bob And Sean

Jonathon Goldsmith - Dos XXs
Maurice Cheeks
Michael Pitt
Jenna Liston - Ace Cash Express
Ben Kweller
Yeardly Smith
Rory Stewart
Paul Wilson
Brett Easton Ellis
Mandy Patinkin
Malcolm Gladwell
Gareth British Office
Demond Wilson
Kim Fields

Team Donovan

David Simon
Rasha Drachkovitch
Ewen Bremmer
Rob Corddry
Latarian Milton
Chuck D
Aaron Paul
Tony Dow
Reginald Ballard
Doug E Fresh
Jimmy Waker
George Clinton
Deon Richmond
John Witherspoon

Team Dan

Tom Berenger
Vinnie Paul
Adam Richman
Jeremy Wade
Riff Raff
John C McGinley
William Zabka
Crispin Glover
Ed O'Neill
Giancarlo Esposito
Don Cherry
Karl Pilkington
Robin Yount
LeVar Burton
Michael PS Hayes

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Homer Call of the Year Winners

2000: Colorado Buffaloes vs Texas
2001: Georgia Bulldogs - Larry Munson
2002: Converse Judson
2003: Minnesota Vikings vs Arizona Cardinals - Paul Allen
2004: Kilgore HS Football
2005: SMU Mustangs - Rich Phillips, Craig Swan
2006: Gol De Scholes
2007: Akron Zips Football
2008: Ennis - Kilgore Refs
2009: Godley HS vs Pilot Point
2010: Flordia Atlantic vs Arkansas State
2011: Little League World Series - Louisiana Lafayette

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

2010 BaD Radio Podcasts


While BaD Radio's on vacation, what you say we take a look back at all the Irv and Joe Games they've played. This is part two of two.

While BaD Radio's on vacation, what you say we take a look back at all the Irv and Joe Games they've played. This is part one of two.

Welcome all you P1's! This week on the BaD Radio podcast the crew talks to Mavs new big man Tyson Chandler. They then review the new documentary in the ESPN 30 for 30 series "Pony Excess" about the SMU death penalty in the 80's. Finally the fellas review that kinda-racist Cowboys VS Redskins liner that has been airing during commercial breaks on the station.

Hello fellow P1's! Welcome to another brilliant eddition of the BaD Radio podcast. First the gang gives their White Elephant Day review and focus on the battle between Gordo and Bob. Next the crew jump on Sean Bass as he is now engaged and get all the details. Finally BaD Radio talks to Bill Guerin about his retirement.

Welcome P1s! This week on the BaD Radio podcast Donovan discusses his 2010 Christmas card featuring his dog Wink. They then delve into the topic of the Arizona Cardinals and Derek Anderson twisting off on the media for asking him why he was smiling on TV during a loss. Next Scoops Calahan (1930's Reporter guy) has another run in with LeBron James. They then talk to the Washington Capitals PR guy Nate Ewell and have a conversation with Mark Cuban where he delves into college athletics.

Why hello P1's! This week on the BaD Radio podcast Dan reviews the Roger Waters "The Wall" show he went to go see and it was incredible! Next the show has thanksgiving at Donovans grandmothers house and watches Twiggy square off against Nicole. Finally the guys promote an upcoming interview with Jimmy Johnson which includes a Tom VS Dan fight.

Hello P1's! This week on the BaD Radio podcast the gang breaks down some of the Roy Williams' comments that makes Dan do some statistcal analysis. Donovan then has a Sampler Platter where he presents Rap music using components of other classic rock music within it. Finally the crew delves into the relationship status of TC Fleming

Why hello P1's! This week on a very awesome BaD Radio podcast the fellas give their initial impressions of Jason Garrett as cowboys head coach as he officially claims the title. Next the guys give everyone a forewarning in regard to free agent pitching contracts in correlation to Cliff Lee. Finally Bob gives his exclusive review of the film Jackass 3-D.

Welcome P1's! This week on a very somber BaD Radio podcast the guys morn over the Rangers loss in the World Series to the San Francisco Giants but, remember all the amazing moments of this historical run. Dan tells the story of Killer asking him to get him a souvenir cup and gave him one from the trash because he wouldn't be sold one after the seventh inning. They also touch on ticket stubs. Finally the guys sit down with the lead singer of the Butthole Surfers Gibby Haynes. AWESOME!

Oh hey there P1's! Welcome to another eddition of the BaD Radio Podcast. First the gang discuss the Rangers winning the pennant against the hated Yankees and they look on to the World Series! They then play audio of an interview with Tom Hicks where he talks about going bankrupt and A-Rod. Finally the crew plays another round of Homer Call of the Week.

Welcome mighty P1's! This week on the BaD Radio podcast the crew talks about the brilliance of Cliff Lee and where he will eventully sign in the post season. Next the guys ddiscuss the fan who ran on the field during the ALCS series who was trying to take down A-Rod. Finally the crew dissects the Mad Men Season Finale. Plus Screenless with George.

Welcome loyal P1's! This week on a stellar BaD Radio podcast the guys talk about the Rangers winning the ALDS and Cliff Lee. The guys then have their first interview with the legend Bob Knight since the infamous Corby incident at the SMU athletic forum. Finally the fellas simulcast with BBC Liverpool to talk about Tom Hicks selling the Liverpool team to the owners of the Red Sox.

Welcome P1's! This week on the BaD Radio podcast the guys discuss Rangers in the playoffs after a win pitched by CJ Wilson hitting on Michael Young and is this fate? The fellas then have an insightful and funny interview with ex Man Show host and podcast host Adam Carolla in studio. Finally Bob has some done some research on Felix Jones and they discuss.

Hello P1's! This week on the BaD Radio podcast the crew discuss the issues of the Dallas ISD Super Intendent who is in the middle of some controversy. Next the gang discusses in depth the Rangers and Stars TV contracts and the business of sports in general. Finally Stephen Tobolowsky comes in studio and shares more stories about his crazy life with the BaD Radio gang.

Welcome fellow P1's! This week on the BaD Radio podcast the fellas have a Re-Exmination of the  2006 NFL Draft. The boys then play some stunning audio from Roy Williams where he takes a few jabs at the media. Finally the crew have a report on the status of the upcoming Guest Booking League punishment where Seans girlfriend isn't going along with the bit.

Welcome P1's! This week on an explosive episode of the BaD Radio Podcast the guys interview the great Deion Sanders and they talked about the Cowboys! Next the boys tackle a youtube video sent to Bob on the topic of fan attitude focusing on the college scene and crowds being loud enough. Finally the guys look back on the 9th anniversary of September 11th.

Welcome P1's! This week on the podcast Bad Radio talks about intergration of the ticker booth and examines the infamous Tara ticker. Next the boys start up a new season of Homer Call of the Week. Finally the gang talks about the whole toll road thing where Bob and Dan get letters for missed tolls followed by a follow up.

Why hello P1's! This week on the podcast BaD Radio discusses in length the story of the Southlake high school quarterback Daxx Garman who has been in trouble for intelligibility and other  recruiting violations. After that insightful segment Bob tells the story of him trying to cash an old check from the Ticket when it was owned by Susquehanna.

Welcome P1's! This week BaD Radio discusses the new documentary in the ESPN 30 for 30 series titled "Jordan Rides The Bus" about Michael Jordan playing for the White Socks. They then delve into Fight Night and the unfortunate technical meltdown. Finally another episode of the Guest Booking League the fellas sitting down with author Chuck Klosterman.

Welcome back P1'S! This week on a sports intensive podcast the crew talks with the Cowboys offensive line coach Hudson Houk and talk about the differences of training camp from then and now. Dan then shares his troubles with his Fantasy Football League who wants to kick him out for not going to the get togethers. Finally the crew interviews the very robotic Jason Garrett. All this plus the Albert Haynesworth Challenge.

BaD radio holds its Guest Booking League each year since 2005 for one purpose: to punish the show member who books the least amount of guests. In the second of two historical podcasts, we revisit the 2007, 2008 and 2009 seasons: Open Mic Night, the Hockey Knights and Grubes Grubes' stand-up routine.

BaD radio holds its Guest Booking League each year since 2005 for one purpose: to punish the show member who books the least amount of guests. In the first of two historical podcasts, we revisit the 2005 and 2006 seasons: the Dunk Tank and the Run Of Shame.

Welcome great P1's! This week on the BaD Radio podcast, the gang talks to the man whose life inspired the movie Goodfellas, Henry Hill.  Next the boys analyzes the Rangers' bidding war between the Chuck Greenberg/ Nolan Ryan group and Mark Cuban. Finally the guys break down the Antoine Dotson viral internet video sensation.

Welcome P1's! This week BaD Radio catches passes from Stephen McGee at Dallas Cowboys Training Camp. They then review the film Inception and try to figure out what it all means. Finally the team go through a grab bag of Cowboys stuff including asking Phil Costa about Inception and the most interesting storyline of Dallas Cowboys training camp; Mike Tepper getting gruesomely run over by a car. Oh of course screenless!

Welcome P1's! This week on an exciting BaD Radio podcast the crew delves into the story of Jakes big night which ended with him losing his car. Next on the Guest Booking League the gang talks with the Whataburger Guy in a must hear interview. Finally the fellas throw it down with Omar from The Wire and have an interview you cant miss. Yo Omar commin!!!

Welcome fellow P1's! This week BaD Radio talks about the planning of Twiggy's 40th birthday party. Next the guys reveal the truth about purple drank as former Aggie Johnny Jolly gets busted for codeine. Those first two segments with contributions from the the great Computer. Finally the guys sit down with the new viral internet sensation; the Double Rainbow guy.

Welcome sweet clean P1's! This week on the BaD Radio podcast Bob and Donovan talk about returning from vacation while Dan is taking an extra day. Next the guys talk with Big Foot encounter veteran Tim Peeler as part of their Guest booking League. Finally the crew talks about the Lebron "Decision" and how Dan is handling it.

Welcome P1's! This week the BaD Radio crew plays a new segment titled "Hey Man, You Look Like a Moron" focusing on people at UFC fights and flat billed baseball caps. Next Dan plays everyone some great audio of him showing his family his Hitler 'stache. Finally Donovan reviews the classic film The Godfather and he gave it an A++. Oh, and of course SCREENLESS!

Hello mighty P1's! This week BaD Radio discusses the controversy of Vince Young getting into a fight at a local strip club. Next the guys review another great entry in the 30 for 30 documentary series about the OJ Simpson chase. Finally BaD has their yearly visit to the Nice Look Barbershop and get views and opinions from their patrons.

Welcome P1's! This week BaD Radio reminisces with their old friend Gabe Kapler and talk about the good old days. Next the gang talks about news stories and plays a game of "Whos the A-Hole" focusing on carrying waters into theme and out of TMS. Finally the guys remember John Wooden by playing audio of Larry Brown crying over his death.

Welcome P1's! This week on the BaD Radio podcast the gang talks about the Armando Galarraga perfect game that wasent and the umpire Jim Joyce who blew the call. Next the team does BaD Radio Reports on Bobs college broadcasting career in Lynchburg with some great audio. Finally Dan recieves a note from the program director of his old station in Dayton.

Welcome P1'S! This week on the BaD Radio podcast the crew breaks down the Lost series finale and lament over the shows end. Next the guys receive a call from George Dunham's blue flame as they are talking about Jeff Baker lighting his farts on fire. Finally the crew sits down with "Groundhog Day's" Stephen Tobolowsky and he shares many of his crazy life stories.

Welcome P1's to a very interview heavy episode of the BaD Radio podcast! They first talk to Jon Daniels live from the Ball Park in Arlington and talk about what it takes to be a GM. Next the guys talk to Vladimir Guerrero at the ballpark and had an exclusive interview in Spanish!  Finally the boys try to one up the Musers with their reactionary interview with  Dez Bryant.

Welcome P1'S! This week BaD Radio protests the mustache wheel and the Musers taking liberties in changing up the payoff rules involving the Hitler mustache. Next the gang yuks it up with Rangers pitcher Derek Holland and the origins of the "Dutch Oven." Finally the crew puts their lists together and draw for this years Guest Booking League.

Welcome P1'S! On this episode of the BaD Radio podcast the guys recap their loss at the Great Game between Team Hardline and Team Musers. Next they talks about Bobs research on the Mavs' Average Distance per Shot and their overuse of parameter shots. Finally the boys chronicle the events of the thwarted Times Square bombing.

Oh hey P1's! This explosive week on BaD Radio the gang recaps the Tickets draft broadcast and plays some hilarious audio. Next the crew address the Mike Bacsik twitter situation which led to his firing and discuss the dangers of mixing alcohol and twitter. Finally the gang broadcasts from the Woodford Reserve Musers Camp out where comedy ensue!

Welcome P1's! This week on a very draft centric podcast, BaD Radio talks to the great Deion Sanders about the draft and Dez Bryant. The gang then talk to Jerry Jones at the SMU Athletic Forum and talk about finances, the new Stadium, the draft, being recorded secretly on a cell phone, and Entourge. . Finally the guys play some awesome draft audio with a few lunch pails, hugging, and Tebow.

Hello P1's. This week on BaD Radio the guys interview Damon Wayans which starts out awkwardly but picks up to be a great listen. Next the on BaD Radio Reports, Bob talks about his London trip and tours the Tower of London with audio from his tour guide where he spits the truth about Braveheart. Finally Dan recaps his poison ivy incident and talks about his mommie issues.

Hola P1's! This week on the best show on The Ticker Sports, BaD Radio reflects on Mike Modano's special moment in the last game of his career as people gave him a standing ovation right before he scores the game tieing goal and wins the game in a shootout. The fellas then interview Caron Butler and go to the Barber Shop to get the Community's reaction to Tiger Woods.

Hey P1's! This Week on BaD Radio they boys sit down with Mark Cuban and talk about movies, the Russian Cuban, Hockey, and his American Airlines life time pass  Donnie reviews the Coen Brothers film Fargo and watched it twice and he liked it! Finally we take a trip into Dan's World where Dan has some parenting dilemmas.

Why hello P1's! This week BaD Radio reviews the bizarre Dave Bliss case which involved a coverup involving a player murdering another player and Bliss trying to cover it up. Next on the podcast BaD radio throws down the intern Ticket Promo Challenge involving Intern Will and TC. Finally the gang asks if Michael Jordan has a Hitler mustache. Oh... Screenless!

Welcome dirty P1's! This week BaD Radio reviews what is Gay and Not Gay touching upon owning a Cowboys teddy bear, taking your own pillow on a trip, shoes up on the dashboard, choosing the winner of each march madness mach up by what city he would rather shop in, dip spitting in the same styrofoam cup, asking a buddy to pick your tie, Facebook, and seeing how tall you are compared to your brother. Finally the gang fully covers the Ron Washington cocaine incident. Oh, and screenless!

Yo fellow P1's! This week om the BaD Radio podcast, the crew finds an interesting cab driver in Washington, DC who loves to talk about his homeland of Gana and sports. Next the guys broadcasts live from Buffalo and talk to a station employee from the local station. Finally we chronicle the infamous Scoops Callahan controversy in Buffalo as the show gets in trouble with the Capitals. All from the Annual Dallas Stars Roadtrip.

Welcome sweet-clean P1's. This week on the BaD Radio show Bob and Dan talk some fantasy baseball as they talk about their team "The Generals" spring draft. After that the fellas talk to former Dallas Star Bill Guerin to talk about their future road trip with the Stars. Finally the show celebrates Dan's 41st birthday with a a Calves snuggie and a birthday song. Bonus: Dan is sick "behind the music" audio for the ender!

Hello Preference 1's! This week BaD Radio talks to Dallas Star and Team Canada member Brenden Morrow live from the 2010 Olympics. Next the show gives a grab bag of topics including Jay-Z, Hot Tub Time Machine, and Bobs rant about Speedskating vs Soccer in the Netherlands.  Finally the show hosts the Homer Bowl X with winner being Godley HS vs Pilot Point.

Welcome P1s to another great addition of the BaD Radio podcast. First off the bat the BaD Radio gang get into new Dallas Maverick Caron Butler's fascinating backstory. Next the the gang hosts the Homer Call semifinal. Finally the BaD crew listens to the latest work of Scoops Callahan as he sets his sights on Steve Nash and Tim Duncan. BONUS: Mark Followill gets some national TV pub!

Greetings mighty P1s. This week BaD Radio interviews BOTH Torii Hunter and Matt Kemp in studio and take pictures of their feet. Next the gang delves into Sean Bass's love situation as Sean has gotten back with his girlfriend who lived with him through the breakup. Finally the crew talks to George Dunham at Ticketstock. George talks about favorite BaD Radio blow-ups and they replay a tense Musers interview with Tony Stewart.

Hello P1's! This week on this glorious episode of  the BaD Radio podcast, the gang interviews Bobby Hebert but not before some banter with The Cobra. Next the crew talk with Herschel Walker and Bob takes his shirt off. Also on this podcast the gang try to stump some Super Bowl participants with Bobs "Super Bowl" quiz. Finally Donovan talks with Adrian Arrington and plays a game of "Either/Or."

Welcome P1'S! This week on the show BaD Radio talks about the new owner of the Texas Rangers Chuck Greenberg and play some exclusive audio. Next the gang discusses a documentary Bob has watched about the 80's heavy metal band "Anvil." Finally the crew mulls over the recent announcement of  Kurt Warners retirement and ponder his chances in the Hall of Fame. Plus a new tradition, to be repeated every week: rolling screenless to end the podcast.

Welcome P1S! This week on BaD Radio the battle for Helms Deep commences as the show simulcasts with KFAN, the radio station in Minnesota who has waged war with the station. Next the show talks about the state of bias in NHL refereeing, Next the gang plays some Dale Hanson audio, pants on the ground, and confronts Grubes about being a double agent for the Hardline. Finally a mix between BaD Radio and Gordon Keith and tell the story of Bunpot . Your life will be better if you tune in.

This week on the show, BaD Radio claim war on KFAN, a station in Minnesota, who was bashing the show. They end up taking some calls and calling the station in Brainerd, MN. Next they review the NBC late night war involving Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien. Finally BaD Radio starts the Homer Call Of The Week playoffs. Best podcast of 2010, any genre.

This week on Bad Radio the fellas talk about the Gilbert Arenas fiasco involving guns and gambling debt. Next the guys talk with Dirk in their yearly interview and touch upon store discounts, Dirks mom, teeth bites, and winning the title. They then explore what is on their TiVo as they delve into Sons of Anarchy, the top 25 shows of the decade, and Jersey Shore. With special guest host: Jake Kemp!